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Summer Services

     Stillwater Landscape is your source for year round property maintenance. We specialize in all aspects of yard care including trimming your grass, weed eating, trimming hedges, tree trimming even winterizing lawn irrigation systems and preparing property for the colder months. While we do feature Hunter Irrigation, we do service all other makes and models of irrigation systems.

  • Lawn & Garden Maintenance

  • Hedge & Tree Trimming

  • Storm Clean-up

  • Driveway & Pathway Cleaning

Winter Services

      When our wonderful Montana summer weather turns cold, trust Stillwater Landscape to help keep the snow at bay. Weather it's 12" of fresh snow over night or freezing rain that has left your property covered with ice Stillwater Landscape is your trusted solution to keeping your property safe for people travel about.

  • Snow Plowing

  • Roof Clearing

  • Path Clearing & De-Icing

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